Empress Menen Asfaw

The Mother of the Ethiopian Nation


The Biography of Empress Menen Asfaw,

The Mother of the Ethiopian Nation

This revealing, well-written and rich with historic photographs, the most comprehensive study of Empress Menen, who was the life long partner of  Haile Sellassie I, the last reigning Emperor of the Ethiopian nation. This important woman in African history was an illuminated example of leadership and generosity. She was a steady source of strength for her husband during their fifty year marriage.

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”The rich, complex and challenging life of Empress Menen has remained obscure for decades. With this first time translation and publication of this new volume, I trust readers will once again become reacquainted with the life of the Empress and her great contribution to her faith, her country and her family.”

    Ermias Sahle Selassie    President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia and Empress Menen’s Grandson

"I recommend The Biography of Empress Menen as a must-read for Rastafari adherents, sympathisers and critics as much as for those who simply desire a model for effective partnership for social change, as demonstrated by the diefied mortals, Empress Menen and Emperor Haile Selassie I."  

    Caribbean Quatery Book Review by Imani M. Tafari, AMA

“One of the most comprehensive presentations of Empress Menen.”

    Michael Barnett                University of the West Indies.

From: Anjahli Parnell

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